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Sian Ka'an Multisports Eco Adventure

Take a small group of multisport Ecoaventura through Sianka'an Biosphere, one of the largest parks in Mexico. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will go kayaking through wetlands, hike through the jungle and diving through underground caves in this exciting  group of Multisports Eco adventure of Sian Ka'an.

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In your arrival, an experienced biologist will explain   life on the reservation from a panoramic viewing tower. After kayaking in the wetlands, you will enjoy a snack at the visitor center.Then will do a walk through the rain forest to discover plants and animals of the region.Finally, there is diving in the cenote Beh Ha, with its crystal waters and amazing caves.Relax over lunch in a restaurant of Tulum before returning to your hotel.
Enjoy the true wonders of nature in this personalized tour. The group has a limit of 10 people and lasts approximately 11 hours.
See prices, availability and book online on our website by clicking the following: SIAN KA'AN MULTISPORTS ECO ADVENTURE

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