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Nightlife Mexico City

Join the intense nightlife at the best venues of the funny and cosmopolitan Mexico City.

Nightlife - Mexico City
Nightlife - Mexico City
Nightlife - Mexico City
Nightlife - Mexico City

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Mexico City’s nightlife is as diverse and exiting as everything else in this city. There are bars and night clubs for all tastes and everyone should find at least a favorite one. When doing tourism in Mexico City, make sure to check for fashion clubs, brash nightclubs, ritzy piano bars, rustic antros (disco-bars) and traditional Mexican-style music bars.

Most of the bars and nightclubs are located in Zona Rosa, Polanco, Condesa and San Angel. The costs of drinks and admission tickets could vary enormously depending on the zone. Nightlife starts late in Mexico City and lasts until sunrise.

There is a popular magazine called Tiempo Libre (Free Time) which specifically details what is going on every weekend in Mexico City. Before going anywhere it is recommended to check the magazine’s website to get a general view of the amazing nightlife.

The hippest bar in Mexico City might be the ultra-trendy Rioma, located in Insurgentes Sur 377, playing electronic lounge music which descends into pumping techno later on. A minimalist roof-top bar called Hotel Habita attracts a high celebrity count; it has stunning city views and projects music videos onto the adjacent buildings. This bar is located in Avenida Presidente, Msasaryk 201. Other popular bars in Mexico City are Cosmo, Mezzanotte, Shelty, Hijo del Cuervo, Barracuda, Rexo, Bar Milan and the Centenario cantina.

One of the hottest clubs in Mexico City is The Colmillo. Located in Versailles 49, it attracts young, cool international travelers and locals alike. In the Roma district the club Avant-Garde pumps hardcore techno to a devoted crowd. Other popular clubs for dancing in Mexico City are Living Room, Mama Rumba, Mauna Loa and Antillano.

Those people who travel to Mexico and are interested in mariachis, should visit Plaza Garibaldi and Bar Jorongo.
Mexico City’s nightlife includes big-name international music shows, festivals, prestigious theater and dancing spectacles. The non-stopping rhythm of Mexico City can also be experienced at night, where great parties and events satisfy each taste every night of the week.

For more information about the nightlife in Mexico City, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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