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Rafting Mexico

Join the extreme rafting journeys and work in team to beat the rapid rivers of Mexico.

Rafting - Mexico
Rafting - Mexico
Rafting - Mexico
Rafting - Mexico

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Rafting is an aquatic sport activity that consists in navigating down turbulent rivers, with many people rowing over a raft, and it is considered an extreme sport because the strong streams of the river can break down or capsize the boat at any time. There are six levels for categorizing the rivers according to their flow, stream and navigability. The rivers categorized upon level three are considered fast, of whitewater or rough waters. Rafting in Mexico is very popular, specially among those who travel to Mexico looking not only for tourism in Mexico, but also for adventure.

The raft’s capacity varies from 4 to 8 people, and it is always necessary the presence of experienced guides who will be in charge of driving the course of the boat and keep all the people safe. Everyone on the raft has to help to push and drive the boat using a paddle; some specific positions on the raft have very important functions and are usually occupied by the experienced guides.

Mexico is world-wide recognized for its rough and deep water rivers, which are ideal for whitewater rafting. Rapids for all levels can be found in different regions, but the best areas for rafting in Mexico are in the states of Morelos, Veracruz, San Luis Potosi and Chiapas.

Whitewater rafting in Mexico is truly exciting and is a unique opportunity to feel the water’s force. There are many eco-tourist agencies that provide professional equipment, experienced guides and first-aid services for a perfect rafting journey in Mexico.

The best areas for rafting in Mexico are:

Barrancas del Cobre

The Cooper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre) is in the northern region of the state of Chihuahua, where the Sierra Madre occupies more than 60,000 kilometers square of land. Several rivers with rough rapids can be found here, and during the rainy season from June to September the rapids become much more challenging. The best-known rivers in Barrancas del Cobre are the Papigochi River with class III rapids and the Urique River with classes III and IV rapids.


Palenque is home of the Usumacinta River, which is considered one of Mexico’s fastest rivers. The best time for practicing rafting here are the months between July and October. It is a truly exciting adventure to experience whitewater rafting in the rivers of Palenque, either in a boat or a kayak.


Puebla has awesome natural scenarios with amazing rivers which are ideal to practice whitewater rafting in Mexico. The Acapulco River is located in Puebla’s northern region, near the magical town of Cuetzalan. The rapids found here are of classes II and III.


Veracruz has many rivers running all through the state, and most of them have optimal conditions for whitewater rafting in Mexico, offering rapids for all skill levels. The Antigua River has 17 rapids with different levels, and it also offers a camping area with all the necessary services. Moreover, the Jalcomulco River has amazing rapids for rafting and guidance services.

For more information about white water rafting in Mexico, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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