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Hunting Mexico

Join the intense big game hunting and bird shooting journeys in Mexico.

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The best hunting areas in Mexico are located in the northern regions, mainly in the states of Tamaulipas and Coahuila. Mexico has about 2,600 hunting areas, where the hunting sport is regulated by strict rules and licenses. Large areas of protected forests lands are open for sport hunting in Mexico during some specific months of the year. A wide variety of animals can be hunted in Mexico; the most common ones are the Red Deer, the elk or Wapiti, the White-tailed Deer and the exotic Black Buck Antelope. Hunting is an alternative way to enjoy your trip to Mexico.

Endless flights of White-Wing and Mourning Dove, migrating from Central/South America, blacken the sky every year during peak hunting seasons in some regions of Mexico. Millions of Ducks and Geese come here during the mild winter months and are often a hunting prey in Mexico's best countryside areas.

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Because of the vastness of unpopulated areas, the affordable license rates, the liberal game limits and the extended seasons, hunting in Mexico has become very popular around the world.

The most popular places for hunting in Mexico are:


Hermosillo has two hunting ranches which are ideal for hunting diverse mammal species. At the Rancho Lobos, located 170 Km. northwest of Hermosillo, the white-tailed deer and bighorn sheep are commonly found. At the Rancho Caridad, located 230 Km. northeast of Hermosillo the most hunted species are the bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer and mule deer


Mazatlan is an ideal place for hunting in Mexico because its surrounding areas are located in the key central Pacific migration routes. The favorites hunting areas in Mazatlan are Redo Island where the white-winged dove and the blue-winged teal are commonly found; the Baradito Island where the most attractive species are the solitary sandpiper and the black-bellied whistling duck; and the San Juan Island where the species that can be found are the blue-winged teal, the white-winged dove and the mourning dove.


Many species can be found in the hunting areas near Pachuca; some of which are the wild boar, red deer, collared peccaries and various exotic birds. The San Carlos Ranch and the Agua Bendita Ranch have ideal landscapes for hunting.

Puerto Peñasco

Near Puerto Peñasco it is the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and the Gran Desierto de Alta where various bird and mammal species can be found. The hunting season here is from November to March.


Queretaro has a central region which was designed specifically for the purpose of hunting. The ranch called Los Venados offers all the necessary services for a hunting trip in Mexico. Specialist hunters offer the visitors personalized services.


In the surrounding areas of Tlaxcala there are many Mexican hunting ranches, where the most recognized are the San Jose de Las Delicias Ranch and the Venado Ranch. Each of them offers all the necessary services for both amateurs and professional hunters.

The animals that are usually found here are the white-tailed deer, European roe and red deer, fallow deer, rabbits, hare, coyotes, wild boar and doves.

For more information about hunting in Mexico, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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The best hunting areas in Mexico are located in the northern regions, mainly in the states of Tamaulipas and Coahuila. Mexico has about 2,600 hunting areas, where the hunting sport is...

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