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Fishing Mexico

Join the exciting fishing journeys at the beautiful waters of Mexico.

Fishing - Mexico
Fishing - Mexico
Fishing - Mexico
Fishing - Mexico

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Sport fishing is a popular activity that is practiced in rivers, freshwater lakes, seas or open oceans. It can be a recreational or competitive sport which combines the fisherman’s skill with luck of the moment. Most fishermen experience a great satisfaction when catching a big fish, often fisherman releases their catch and return it to its natural habitat. Fishing in Mexico is a very popular activity, attracting thousands every year who travel to Mexico looking for the biggest catch.

There are four types of sport fishing: spinning, fly fishing, catch and release and trolling. The most popular instruments used are gears, rods, reels, harpoons and nets, among others. Spinning fishing is usually practiced in the sea, either from the beach or a quay; fly fishing is mostly practiced in lakes and rivers but can also be done at the sea; catch and release fishing is characterized by returning the fishes to their natural environment; trolling fishing is practiced from a boat at the sea or a lake.

The fresh and salt waters of the country attract outdoors enthusiasts to fishing tournaments and competitions in Mexico. The Pacific Coast is a perfect spot for fishing in Mexico since it combines peace, charm and big catch. The Caribbean Sea is characterized by its calm waters and it offers a wide range of fishes. The Gulf of Mexico is an enormous bay considered an ocean itself. The inland areas have plentiful rivers and enormous lakes with a wide variety of natural environments ideals for sport fishing in Mexico

Mexico has many national and international fishing tournaments going on in different seasons of the year; people from all over the world come here either to participate in the tournaments or to watch the big events.

The most popular places for sport fishing in Mexico are:


Acapulco is considered one of the most popular destinations for sport fishing in Mexico. It has more than 12 miles of beaches along the Pacific Coast and it is also an ideal spot to practice many aquatic sports such as scuba diving, surfing and water skiing. The best beaches in Acapulco are located at the bay, along the main boulevard “La Costera”. You can also enjoy less crowded beaches in other areas, but some of them are at the open ocean and might be more dangerous.

Besides the Ocean, Acapulco has beautiful lagoons which are often visited during the fishing tours in Mexico; these are Chautengo Lagoon, Tecomat Lagoon and Coyuca Lagoon. The Marques Port is also a perfect place for sport fishing. Acapulco has a developed infrastructure for tourism in Mexico, so you will not have problems to book a hotel in Acapulco.


Cozumel is a marvelous island characterized by its famous coral reefs, attracting thousands of visitors every year to see what is underwater. The most practiced aquatic sports in Cozumel are snorkeling scuba diving and fishing.

Sport fishing in Cozumel is very popular; there are many specialized centers offering the ideal kit for a fishing day. The best month for sport fishing is November. As an exclusive destination for fishing in Mexico, we recommend booking your hotel in Cozumel in advance.


Hermosillo houses some prestigious international fishing tournaments. It is surrounded by natural water environments which are ideal to find a wide variety of fishes.

The recommended spots for fishing in Hermosillo are San Carlos, Bahía Kino and Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a charming resort located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. It is the perfect place to spend amazing vacations with both family and friends, enjoying white-sand beaches and mountain’s landscapes. Golf and sport fishing are the main attractions of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos has more than 800 species of fishes and the best season for fishing is from June to November. Los Cabos is one of the top tourist destinations for fishing in Mexico, so it is advisable to book your hotel in Los Cabos before your trip to Mexico.


Manzanillo is located in the state of Colima and has some of the most popular beaches of the Pacific Coast in Mexico. With blue waters and fine sand it is an ideal place to practice a wide variety of aquatic sports.

Besides its wonderful beaches, Manzanillo is well known for housing very important national and international fishing tournaments of Mexico, on which the best fisherman from many countries participate and compete to catch the biggest fishes.

Puerto Vallarta

Located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta offers an extremely wide variety of attractions and entertainment options; every day there are many cultural events and exhibitions, and day-trip tours to the jungle.

Puerto Vallarta is also a favorite destination among the sport fishing enthusiasts. Between November and May, Puerto Vallarta houses some very important international fishing tournaments. For those aiming to catch the most exotic fishes, the recommended beaches are Yelapa, Punta Mita and Mismaloya. Check your hotel in Puerto Vallarta.


Queretaro is located in the center of the country and belongs to two enormous main hydrological basins; the Panuco basin drains its waters into the Gulf of Mexico while the Lerma-Santiago basin does it in the Pacific Ocean. The state is full of lagoons which are ideal spots to practice sport fishing in Mexico.

Fishermen from all the country come here in April to participate in the annual tournament, which usually takes place at the Jalpan and San Pedro’s dam.  

For more information about fishing in Mexico, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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