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Exploring Miami

There’s no doubt that Miami is one of the country’s most dense cities, however that’s quite an advantage to most travelers, since socializing becomes so easy, just like your typical “walk in the park” experience. So if you’re into parties and stuff, perhaps on your spring break, there’s nowhere on earth as daring, as hot, and as wet as Miami’s fantastic beaches.


Don’t get me wrong, Miami’s cool beaches are just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to discover in Miami so don’t let your ESTA visa get dusted on one beach, go around and explore the city, there’s a reason why some even call it a Vice City.


Downtown Miami is where the economic gears of the city hum. They do so in such an amazing fashion that you’ll get dizzy just looking around. You can visit museums, parks, theaters, and do some extravagant shopping to your heart’s content. Some of the buildings in this part of the city are so old, you’re lucky if you can explore one of them since there are stringent rules when it comes to historical stuff. If you love architecture, I bet you’re willing to brave it and visit one of these ancient structures. Think of Downtown Miami as your itinerary’s high end stop. After all, you’re living the American dream, thanks to ESTA.


To get the most of what Miami offers, it is recommended to take the world famous Miami City & Boat Tour. Discovering Miami has never been easier since the tour pretty much covers everything you’ll want to cross off your travel bucket list. There’s The Art Deco, the Little Havana, and the popular Coconut Grove to name a few. The tour takes almost 6 hours to complete but it pretty much energizes you with wonderful scenery, practically broadening your horizon.


If you like reading magazines and watching National Geographic, chances are you’re a nature lover and adventure runs in your veins. You can simply buy a ticket for the Everglades Air-boat Tour & Wild life Show. This is your chance to see Florida’s breathtaking flora and fauna. You name it, they have it, from alligators, exotic turtles to colorful birds. The everglades is also home to the national Bald Eagle and the Red Shouldered Hawk.


Now if you get tired of roaming around, why not take a dip into Miami’s year-round perfect waters? The temperate weather in Miami makes it a hot spot for many tourists from all over the world. Heard of the ever famous South Beach, if you haven’t well my friend, where in the world have you been? South Beach is perhaps, the party capital of the world. Skinny dipping is legal, so if you see topless twenty something, they’re probably coeds looking for some fun. If you belong to category zero when it comes to clothing, head directly to Haulover Beach Park in North Beach. Miami certainly knows how to spell fun.


Just remember that your trip won’t be complete just by skinny dipping on South Beach, buy any one of the tour packages mentioned above to make the most of your Miami adventure.


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